Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vijayababu and family

Vijayababu shown here with his wife Elizabeth and their two sons, Akash and Ajith.

Vijayababu's story is an interesting one. He was formerly an atheist and full-time worker for the Communist Party. Chandrapal taught him about God and in1993 baptized him. He studied at the Institute and is now, as he says, "a full-time worker in God's work." He is minister for a church in Chanubanda, a congregation of 60 members, and also teaches at a church of about 50 at Tiruvuyu. He also teaches a Timothy Bible School for rural youth. His son, Akashi is a great example of the teaching he has received, as he has a great knowledge of the Bible for his young age.

Vijayababu serves as a teacher at the Jack Nelle Institute and is a member of it's Board of Trustees.

- Laurel Sewell

Location:Vijayawada, India

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