Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vignettes -- Bullamma and Nagaruju

The following stories are brief introductions to the children and women who came to live at the institute in the last year or two.

Bullamma, whose name means "small mother" is deaf and unable to speak. She married and had a son, Nagaruju. Her husband soon tired of her and left her and their 4-year-old son without any means of support. Bullamma's brother, a preacher and graduate of the preacher-training program brought the little woman and her son to live at the Institute.

Even though the Institute was already at capacity, Chandrapal and his wife, Kumari could not turn them away. At first Nagaruju was afraid to interact with the other children, often locking himself in the bathroom to avoid others.
He became a caretaker for his mother, serving as her interpreter because of her deafness.

Now Nagaruju appears to be healthy and well-adjusted. His mother, Bullamma, works in the kitchen, happy to have a home and be near her son.

Nagaruju shown here with Jay Dryden in a "David and Goliath" pose.

- Laurel Sewell

Location:Vijayawada, India

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  1. this post almost made me cry. I had only daughters (three daughters also) and what if my husband had been like that man and would have sent me and my daughters to a life like that? I am so thankful that he did not. my prayers are for this woman and her daughters even though she may not know where the adopted one is now.